SmartTrip Options

Do you find yourself sitting all alone in traffic? Are you itching to answer that ringing cellphone, but you can’t because you are driving? Would you like to respond to your emails - before you reach that pile of work on your desk in the office?

The power to change your commute is in your hands. HRM’s SmartTrip provides you with options to save you some serious money, add some time to your day, help reduce driving stress while contributing to cleaner air and a smaller carbon footprint.

SmartTrip has one goal; to help expand your mobility options by encouraging means of travel other than driving alone in a car. SmartTrip transportation options include: bicycling, carpooling, taking the bus, teleworking, vanpooling and walking. All of these “modes” have their own unique character and ease of use, depending upon your work and personal circumstances. Take charge of your commute and start examining your “options”.